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Consider the following statement:
S1: Merge sort on linked list take O(n log n) time to sort input of length n.
S2: Merge sort on linked list give better space complexity then on array.
S3: Inplace merge sort on array will take O(n2) time.
Which of the following is correct?


b)S1 and S2


d) None

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@Srestha and @santhos i think option d) is correct .??
Could you explain

How S1 will be correct?
see the link @Deepak

How S1 and S2 are not correct ?


1 Answer

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S3 is correct

In above question, there is no option given related to only s3 .

That's why option d is correct .

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@ 2-way mege sort is inplace sorting algorithm

and its worst case time complexity is O(nlogn).

we can implement Merge sort using linked lists in O(nlogn) time
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