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Is the answer and explaination given correct ?

asked in Linear Algebra by Junior (703 points)   | 66 views
Yes, its correct.
:-D gateforum has screwed up again...
Your answer is correct. They've given the explantion for the same but they've selected the wrong option.

@sushant my answer is correct or gf's, @kaushik the video explaination says the answer is 2. here is the link :

Ya A is the correct answer. They've given the explanation for the same.
Sorry i thought you selected A.
ok.. in there notes they have given answer as c... anyways thanks you both.
Rank of (AP) = Min (Rank A,Rank P) .But here P is non singular of order 4 i.e |P| not eq to 0. So rank of P is 4 only as it has non zero submatrix of order 4 and rank of A is 2 given. Hence rank of AP = 2.

Sorry, Answer is wrong but explanation is correct.  Rank doesnt change by pre/post-multiplication by non-singular matrix.

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