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Plz explain both queries!

asked in Databases by Boss (8.8k points)   | 94 views

Q2 is definately wrong bcoz it will give even that person which has rank less than even one individual of CS, but we want only those person who have rank smaller than all individuals of CS.

Q1 is the answer. Remember here we want persons whose rank is smaller than everyone in CS.

@rahul you could say ..our interpretation for "anyone" was wrong in the particular QS. Thanks for the QS link

quoting from that QS comments:

anyone here refers = everyone in the CSE dept. right ? @rahul ?
It don't think they have failed in changing this question. I find this questions correct and Q1 as the only answer.
@dbashish, yes.
I will say again go the link. There one comment is done by arjun sir, really an excellent one, where he has used a set and explained what anyone means. Read all comments.
Yes correct. I said so seeing the discussions going on here previously. Sorry!!

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