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Plz explain both queries!

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@dbashish, yes.
I will say again go the link. There one comment is done by arjun sir, really an excellent one, where he has used a set and explained what anyone means. Read all comments.
Yes correct. I said so seeing the discussions going on here previously. Sorry!!
@habibkhan can you tell me this
why are you mentioning my name here??..i hadn't commented or answered here....

are you asking me to verify this???
see, neither "s2.rank<=s1.rank" nor "s2.rank<s1.rank" will work...

in case of "s2.rank<=s1.rank"...s1 will be selected only if it is less than everyone...moreover there is one more problem in this query, 'what if s1 is from CSE department, than he will never get selected because there will come a point where comparison s1.rank<=s1.rank will be done and  therefore notexist will contain some tupple and s1 will not be selected...

in case of "s2.rank<s1.rank"...s1 will not be selected  if it is greater than anyone in cse(or we can say s1 will be selected only if it less than or equal to everyone)...

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