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Hey friends lets learn linux get small exercise and get speed over that platform as it is simlar to other operating system but to get an industrial touch just be familar and get daily small excersie and guidance by Arjun sir ..

. .. follow this post to learn linux --  

you can also post some useful links n discuss here your queries ...

Also make your laptop dual boot and install a linux if you already have not.


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how can i get benifit from this??
This is the basis- many small tutorials like this will follow to make one ready to do Masters in proper way. Knowing all these makes CS more easier and one more productive.
Sir,I have Kali Linux installed along with windows, can I start practicing from it? Does it works equally good as ubuntu?
@shikar You can definitely use Kali Linux. Coz d commands of Unix r irrespective of its Flavors. By Flavor I meant various types of Unix Based Operating System. It's not just d case with Ubuntu. If u r fine with d basics then you should definitely advance towards higher system level programming. Yeah. :). I worked on ubuntu earlier. D commands and d basic shell scripts don't change though at all. However, there's a difference. As regards d inbuilt shell in different flavors is different. And d type of prompt tells d type of inbuilt shell supported by dat type of Unix Based Operating System. Please go ahead and use it. Encounter any difficulties share it here. It'll be really helpful if individual doubts r discussed. Okay. :)
@ArjunSuresh sir After following the above tutorial for dual booting, are there chances that I may end up loosing my original Windows 10?
@ArjunSuresh After the latest update 17.04 it says it uses a folder rather than a partition for swap should i merge the swap partition to the primary partition or it is still being used in 17.04?

@coder_k chances are low that your windows 10 will be messed, unless you do mistake on your side(like deleting the windows partition by accident etc) but  bootloader may  directly load in ubuntu without showing boot option at start up which can be solved easily...if you are paranoid get the dual booting done by someone who knows what they are doing,meanwhile try bash on windows instead...

oh.. I hadnt noticed that. If you have enough hard disk space leave the swap space as it is as it might be useful in case you need to install a different linux. Otherwise you can merge it.

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Yes. Especially for those who are going to face IIT interviews or going to join there, these are very beneficial. Advantage of having linux is it provides an easy environment for programming. So lets see how to use it. I'll give some exercices as answers here. You can try them and comment as required..

man cp

the above command shows help for "cp" command. Like this you can do for any command. So, first one- simple.

Copy a file a.txt to b.txt. Then concatenate both and output as c.txt. cat command might be useful. Also google for more interesting options.


opens a terminal in Ubuntu and you start from there. gedit a.txt opens a file and if you do not have GUI, you can use nano a.txt

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One can also go for latest version of Ubuntu.

Following are some of the good books

1)The Design of d Unix Operating System by Maurice. J.Bach. It covers topics such as File Management, Process Management.

2)For commands and shell scripts:

i)Sumitabh Das(For commands)

ii)Shell Programming Brown Colour book by Yashwant Kanetkar. Very gud for begineers who want to learn basics of shell programming. Handy and Helpful.
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Basically Unix was started as a project knows as MULTUCS in AT&T Bell Labs. C Prog Language was developed in Unix alone.

It advisable to first cover d commands. By using man <command name> one can get d inbuilt help of command from d OS itself.

You can type dis at the command prompt.

The type of prompt dat is present defines d type of shell dat d version/flavours of Unix supports as many of dem r available. And most of them r open source as well.

Shell scripts can be typed using gedit which is d GUI editor or d inbuilt editor of d system. It has d main user which is known as super admin, while other users r group users and indivdual ones.

One of d basic feature of Unix is dat it is secure. The security comes abt thru d various permissions dat r given to d various category of users. And to top it all the tree kind of File System tat it carries too. :).

More on d same is given in d books mentioned above.
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Second Question:

Download this PDF and print the average score among students.

You may use the "cut" command to filter a column from a file

cut -d',' -f3 a.txt

outputs the third column of the file a.txt each column separated by ",".


is a good command to then find the average. Try it..

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not getting plz more help ?
you can download the given file. And first extract column 6 to a different file.

In the terminal first do "cd Downloads" because file by default goes to that folder.
Can we share something as answers in this QS post? If I learn something mentionable in this topic, I would like to share.
yes.... you can

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