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consider two nodes A and B are on the same 10 Mbps Ethernet segment, and the propagation delay between the two nodes is 225 bit times. Suppose at time t = 0 B starts to transmit a frame. Suppose A also transmits at some time t=x, but before completing its transmission A recieves bits from B. Assuming node A follows CSMA/CD protocol what is the maximum value of x?
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It is clear from the question as fram from B has reach to the A before it complete the transmission so atleast time it should have  prapogation.

so from given data we can conclude that

225bit / (10 * 10^6 bit/s ) = 22.5 us.
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They are also talking about transmitting. So should not we consider transmission delay too?
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i think transmission time should be included because in the question nothing is mention about transmission  time.

Time of  A=TT+PT;

but before this B is also state transmitting the data.

So (0+TT+PT)=(x+TT)


so we take x=PT
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