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We know each process has its process table which have process ID, PC, priority, list of open files etc etc... Now if we have two process A and B.. OS issues process A to the processor.. process A starts its execution and it open a file.. After this process context switch and process B get a chance.. Process B closes the file which process A has opened..

Now what will happen..?

Will there be a change in entries in process table of process A.. what will happen when process A will resume its execution..
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This problem somewhat resemble with reader- writer problem of critical section ..

In your case both process are trying to access the same file , first process A after opening it preempted so the file and its bookmarks all are save in context of that process now second process is also trying to open it .

So for that we have two cases here..

First , if that file has read and write facility then access to that file will be mutually exclusive ( means at one time only one process can access it ) ...

Second , if that file has only read facility then any no. Of process can access it simultaneously ...( i.e.In your case both process trying to access same file)..

Now if process B closes the file then it is for his context ... not for process A ..

Process A still have it bookmarks to that file save in its context...
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