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in set 1 of gate 2017, few questions like "birthday attack" , question from vector space algebra was out of syllabus/not expected.

can we expect same in gate 2018?
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How is birthday attack out of syllabus?

as birthday attack belongs to message authentication part and it it is wide area .

not clearly mentioned in syllabus.


Network security: authentication, basics of public key and private key cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, firewalls.

it is wrong to say that it is out of syllabus but not expected.

It's gate exam. Be ready for unexpected surprises.
I believe that question could be answered even without knowing what exactly is birthday attack. Knowing how public/private key works is more important in answering that. And the ability to think is the most important weapon in GATE. Those who just studies whatever is being taught without caring to think often falls behind in GATE. They can then pick out such questions and say "out of syllabus" or "my set was hard" without even caring for the fact that set 1 got about 10 mark extra due to such questions.
@arjun sir,

So what should be done in order to develop that kind of thinking in exam hall???

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The only way to save ourselves from these questions is to Leave them in exam hall .

yes these are unexpected questions where people loose marks and guess not work for such kind of questions.
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