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Which of the following data structure may give overflow error, even though the current number of element in it is less than its size ?

(A) Simple Queue

(B) Circular Queue

(C) Stack

(D) None of these
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simple queue

Both A and B.

In circular queue, if we insert n elements then Rear = Front represents both empty queue and Completely full queue. To avoid ambiguity we declare circular queue full after inserting only N - 1 elements.

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Simple Queue

As we know the overflow condition of simple queue is 

If (REAR  = MAX) then


The linear queue suffers from serious drawback that performing some operations, we can not insert items into queue, even if there is space in the queue. Suppose we have queue of 5 elements and we insert 5 items into queue, and then delete some items, then queue has space, but at that condition we can not insert items into queue.

So A is the answer 

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look at the link u provide..

the memory is utilized more efficient in case of circular queue's.

in cicrcular queue as we can again go back to the first node from the last node we can utilize those vacant places.But in simple queue we cant 

yes. a should be the answer
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Simple queue because if in simple queue only 1 element is present at last index and then if we try to enqueue then it will give overflow error to avoid thia problm circular queue is introduced.
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