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Which of the following removes hazard from xy + zx'?

a) xy + zx'

b) xy + zx' + wyz

c) xy + zx' + yz

d) xy + zx' + wz
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Add redundant implicant i.e $yz$ to eliminate hazard i.e $xy+yz+x^{'}z$ answer is c)

Why yz is redundant implicant... Can u please teach me this whole concept or please tell me any book or online source for learning this concept

2 Answers

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Here variable x and its complement both are present which is responsible for causing a hazard. We have to add a redundant term not containing variable x or its complement which will remove the hazard because it will stay unaffected even if hazard occurs. So the answer should be xy+ yz+x'z .
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hey buddy its just related to consensus theorem

google it u will get clarity
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