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Is a^nb^3^n is CsL  or Recursive or Recursive enumerable?

Please draw the state transition diagram also

I think it is not any of them.because b^3^n I can't put in loop
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I think its CSL that mean recursive language
But I cannot able to draw the state diagram.
we can determine the value of 3n by Linear bounded automata.
and count the number of a's and b's in the string.
Wrong..for 3n cfl enough.we dont need LBA

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Is it 3n or 3^n?

If it is 3n then it can be a CFL but if it is 3^n then according to me it should be a Recursive Language.

Please correct me if I am wrong
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it is 3^n...if it would have 3n then i would not have posted it..if recursive can you draw TM?

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