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Consider a standard Circular Queue implementation (which has the same condition for Queue Full and Queue Empty) whose size is $11$ and the elements of the queue are $q[0], q[1], \ldots q[10]$.

The front and rear pointers are initialized to point at $q[2]$. In which position will the ninth element be added?

  1. $q[0]$
  2. $q[1]$
  3. $q[9]$
  4. $q[10]$
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Answer (A)

In Standard Implementation of Circular Queue,

  • For enqueue, we increment the REAR pointer and then insert an element
  • For dequeue, we increment the FRONT and then remove the element at that position.
  • For empty check, when FRONT == REAR, we declare queue as empty





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we initialize front and rear as -1, so first element should be inserted at q[2].

In your solution first element is added at q[3](means 2nd position). Can you explain why?

@Arjuna Sir @Bikram Sir, if you can explain

Correct. So when we initialize to -1, the element is inserted at [0].

The question says


The front and rear pointers are initialized to point at q[2]

So, element is inserted at q[3]

Got it. Thank You :)
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in circular queue front =rear queue is empty

(rear+1) mod n == front queue is full

1st element inserted at q[2] 2nd at q[3] and so on so 9th element inserted at q[10]

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Pooja please explain your approach of solving.
@Pooja: hi I wanna ask you something about the answer you answered in this question:
if the front and rear starts at index 2 then the array will be like this
2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  0   1     ------>    INDEX
0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7   8   9  10    ------> ELEMENT

So 9th element will be in the 8th  right starts from 0th ordering?

So answer should be 10 right?

Please correct me if I am wrong.
front and rear at q[2] then first element is at q[3] na
I think it is implementation dependent, where we are inserting the first element...
i think first element is inserted at q[3].
i too solved like this... my nd ur answer match.. yeh.......

but answer is given option b ..
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in a circular queue if front=rear then the queue is empty, insert first element at q[2] thus the ninth element will go to q[10].
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at q[2] first element should be inserted... so like this .. 9th element should be at q[10] ..

but ... answer is option b ... i dont know how .. anybody plz explain

watch this vedio

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