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The CORRECT formula for the sentence, "not all Rainy days are Cold" is

  1. $\forall d (\text{Rainy}(d) \wedge \text{~Cold}(d))$
  2. $\forall d ( \text{~Rainy}(d) \to \text{Cold}(d))$
  3. $\exists d(\text{~Rainy}(d) \to \text{Cold}(d))$
  4. $\exists d(\text{Rainy}(d) \wedge \text{~Cold}(d))$
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Is there typo in last option ? please correct it !

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Not all rainy days are cold.

In other words it says "Some rainy days are cold" or "Some rainy days are not cold"

Given statement is

<=> ∃ d[R(d) ^ ~C(d)]


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A) No rainy days are cold

B) All non-rainy days are cold

C)Some non-rainy days are cold.

D) Some rainy days are not cold.

option D
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Is option (A) statement correct?
Statement A  shoud be "all days are rainy days and they are not cold "
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not all rainy days are cold : meaning "there are some rainy days which are cold" = "some days are rainy and not cold".

∃d{R(d) \scriptstyle \wedge ¬C(d)}


ans = option D

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(A)∀d(R(d)⋀~C(d)) = d(~(~R(d) V C(d))) (taking negation common)

                                   =∀d(~(R(d)->C(d)))= All days are not Rainy days and also are not Cold

(B)d(~R(d)->C(d))=The day which are not Rainy day are Cold

(C)∃d(~R(d)->C(d))=∃d(R(d)VC(d))=Some day are Rainy days or some days are Cold

(D)∃d(R(d)⋀~C(d))= Some Rainy days are not Cold

                                = ~ (∀d(R(d)->C(d))) (taking negation common)

                                =not all Rainy days are Cold

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(A) Note that (p ∧ ~q) ≡ ~(p -> q). So it means rainy day to cold implication is false for all days. Which means non-rainy days are cold. (B) For all days, if day is not rainy, then it is cold [Non-Rainy days are cold] (C) There exist some days for which not rainy implies cold. [Some non-rainy days are cold] (D) Note that (p ∧ ~q) ≡ ~(p -> q). So it means rainy day to cold implication is false for some days. Which means not all rainy days are cold.

answered by Loyal (3.2k points)  

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