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The root directory of a disk should be placed

(A) at a fixed address in main memory
(B) at a fixed location on the disk
(C) anywhere on the disk
(D) at a fixed location on the system disk
(E) anywhere on the system disk
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file system uses directories which are the files containing the name and location of other file in the file system. unlike other file,directory does not store the user data. Directories are the file that can point to other directories. Root directory point to various user they will be stored in such a  way that user cannot easily  modify them. They should be placed at fixed location on the disk.
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But what is system disk?
Yes. So, if root directory is placed on system disk, then the disk cannot work without system disk right? But system disks are usually used only for recovering OS.
ok...then can we place that root directory at a fixed location in disk.
Yes. That's the correct way :)
ok..thank you sir :)
@Arjun, this answer needs to be modified it seems !  Please check it !
Because in comments you are saying it should be "root directory at a fixed location in disk." in answer it says "at fixed location in system disk"

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