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(a) Less number of cables are required

(b) More number of cables are required

(c) It is a distributed topology

(d) Security is high
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A Star topology connecting $n$ nodes uses the minimum number of cables$ \left ( n - 1 \right ) $, that can be used to connect $n$ nodes.

It is a central topology & not a distributed topology as it contains a central node.

Meaning of "Security" is not clear to me, but if it means "Robustness" here, then Star topology is not very robust since failure of $1$ cable/link will disconnect $1$ node from the network.

a) might be the correct answer.

Neither the link is authentic nor the information given seems correct to me.

I feel that they have exchanged counting for ring & star topologies.

Also when you can have maximum $\frac{n\left ( n - 1 \right )}{2}$ links between $n$ nodes, both having $n$ links & having $\left ( n - 1 \right )$ links can be considered to as having less cables.

A should be correct..

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I think (D) could be the answer

Because star topology if one cable is down , other cable could connect the whole device. So, better secure than bus topology.

But problem here is it depends on centralized system,  so, ambiguity in question
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