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Does Deadlock imply no Bounded waiting Or no Progress or BOTH of These?Also provide explanation in support
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Starvation means there is a long  waiting time  .

Bounded waiting means no process should wait for a resource for infinite amount of time.

Deadlock means no progress and progress not related to Bounded Wait .
Deadlock not related to BW  . 

If there is a deadlock , bounded waiting can possible. But progress can not possible.
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Sir, you are saying in bounded waiting, no process should wait for a resource for infinite amount of time. So in case of deadlock both processes end up waiting for infinite amount of time which implies no bounded waiting according to your definition.


No it is not like that,  in case of deadlock both processes end up waiting for infinite amount of time  but BW happen for a process not for a system. In deadlock we consider whole system is in deadlock or not!

And there is no relation between BW and Deadlock..

Deadlock happen for a system and BW happen for a process , so no relation between these two.

 In case of deadlock for a system BW can possible for a process .


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Deadlock is more severe than bounded waiting problem.

Starvation is long waiting. While deadlock is infinite waiting. Deadlock surely implies no bounded waiting.
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Starvation is long waiting

deadlock means no progress and progress not related to BW

so deadlock is not related to BW  .

Reference :

sir i think deadlock means infinte waiting ,starvation is long waiting..means deadlock implies starvation nt the other way everything is right what u said!!

see this question

related to this query .

sir actually starvation means long waiting ,we r starved of hunger if there is starvation it doesnt means there will be deadlock...

but we use starvation as infinte waiting or long wait in critical section questions..and deadlock in a different way... that was i everything u mentioned is right....but we shouldnt say starvation as infinite blocking...its a long blocking because it can vanish after a long time but deadlock can never dissapear with time!
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deadlock implies no Progress and No bounded waiting.


Lets , values of 2 Semaphores s1=1,s2=1

code for processPo :

wait(S1), do context switch , wait(s2) - here Po blocked


code for processP1:

wait(s2) , do context switch, wait(s1) - here P1 blocked

-in this case, both are in deadlocked state. so no porgree, no bounded waiting
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