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here what does w.r.t to Top means. Pop operation removes top element.  so value of I should be 0 or 1????
Is it option B ?
in key D os given but i think D is not answer.

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If we need to get $I^{th}$ element from Top, we require at least $I$ element in stack. So, $Top \geq I$ and underflow condition is $Top < I \\ \implies Top+1 \leq I \\ \implies Top -I+1 \leq 0$
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supppose we have n=5 element,,and bottom of stack is 0 so top will be 4,,,now we want to delete 5th element wrt top(that is 0th element) now


so 0<=0 but no underflow....after this it can be underflow
@Arjun sir, if stack contains a,b,c,d,e,f and base-0 which contains a, and top will be be pointing to f, then what will be the 1 st elemtent wrt to top.??? e or f???

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