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how to find out transive relation??(don't tell this xRy,yRz then xRz) it's little confusing.

how to find out transitive clouser of any relation???

plz provide some re sourece/explaination with eg??
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okay,transitive closure is the relations, which after adding to an existing relation,the entire relation will be Transitive relation..

let R={(1,2)(1,1)} is a given relation...

now Transitive closure of this relation is the relations that needs to be added to make a transitive relation of element 1,2


now if we add  (2,1)(2,2) to the existing R, the entire R will be transitive

 so {(2,1)(2,2) } is the transitive closure

Hope this helps
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is there any difference between 'symmetric transitive closure' and 'transitive symmetric closure'?
I mean is there any order kind of think that matters if the ques is to find the symmetric transitive closure?
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