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Choose the correct alternatives (More than one may be correct).

The total external path length, EPL, of a binary tree with $n$ external nodes is, $EPL= \sum_{w} Iw$, where $I_{w}$ is the path length of external node $w$),

  1. $\leq n^{2}$ always.
  2. $\geq n \log_{2} n$ always.
  3. Equal to $n^{2}$ always.
  4. $O(n)$ for some special trees.
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D should be correct

2 Answers

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External node means leaf.

a binary tree has at most n/2 Leaves. Means at most or order n.

the length of path from root to leaf is at most log(n)

summing over all such nodes gives nlog(n) Lower bound. Option B

this can be always less than order n squared in the worst case. Option A.


option C is not possible because it can be less than that.

Option D is not possible because it is always greater than order n.
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I think A) and D)
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