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B is answer. Go onece for dynamic approch . 

Short cut Go with End vertex to start vertex with minmum cost every time .

You get B as answer.

or try all options
A and B seems to be having smae cost, so is one preferable to another?

seen none are asking about it .Isnt that important?
Bt removing edge 5-8

and applying D.A.



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Option B

Multi stage graph if we follow greedy strategy answer will not always be optimum . Dynamic Approch is prefered here .

Like @anirudh said  for short-cut

Start  with End vertex and traverse to  start vertex with minmum cost every time

For General Approch . Watch this (


Good Read

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Apply Dijkstra Algorithm answer  will be B.if u apply hit and trial method u may get correct answer but the approach is wrong
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In this A and B both are havinng same cost, but if we follow greedy approach it will not give A as answer as till it ll not get less cost it will use previous only and from dynamic both answers are correct so B should be the answer.

In multistage we start from end vertex not from starting vertex if we start from starting vertex then A should be the answer but according to  multistage algo B should be the answer.
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When I am calculating, the answer is turning out to be


Sum= 14

Shouldn't this be the accurate answer?
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This is not a multi-stage graph since, in a multistage graph, edges can only be present between stage i and stage (i+1). Here, we have an edge from 1 to 5 i.e. stage 1 to stage 3 which is not correct.
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