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Consider the following C program:

int main (void)
    in/*this is an example*/z;
    double/*is it an error?*/y;
    print( “This is simple” );
    return 0;

- How many Different tokens are there in the above code.

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please categorize the tokens.

2 Answers

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int main ( void )
    in z ;
    double y ;
    print( “This is simple” );
    return 0 ;

All Colored ones are different Tokens = 16


Types of tokens-  

keywords - int, void , double, return.

Identifiers - main , in, z, y, print.

Strings     - “This is simple”.

Constant  - 0.

Special- symbols / Delimiter / Punctuator /  - ( , ), ; , { , } , comma.


 ( 6 types of  c tokens )

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Why remaining three semicolons are not counted?
Why remaining three semicolons are not get counted?

Question says number of distinct tokens and not just (count the total number of tokens) .

main is a function type na why did you take it a identifier "main(" is considered as fuction i think
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"int","main","(","void",")"-5 tokens

"{"-1 token

"inz",";"-2 tokens

"double","y",";"-3 tokens

"printf","(","String literal",")",";"-5 tokens

"return","0",";"- 3 tokens

"}"- 1 token

Total 20 tokens



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please mention the type of the tokens also--like delimiter,,identifier etc etc

@srestha why u counted inz as one single token??
after removing comments in will be one and z will be one token...

ok means it will give lexical error, rt?

no it will not given any lexical will be treated as one token and z as another...lexical analyser follows longest match will absolutely work fine here..


It throws a syntax error.
but "in" which type of token?

tokens are alays be separated by white spaces. Is it contain white space?

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