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can anyone define the procedure to find the common ancestor of any two given nodes in balanced BST..??
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#define BIGGER 1
#define SMALLER -1
#define EQUAL 0

int compare(int x,int y) {
    if(x == y) return EQUAL;
    else if(x < y) return SMALLER;
    els return BIGGER;

struct node* find_LCA(struct node *root,int a,int b) {
    // I have assumed that a and b exist in the tree already
    if(root != NULL) {
        // compare this node with a
        int res1 = compare(a,root->data); 
        // compare this node with b
        int res2 = compare(b,root->data); 	
    // is any one of a,b is equal to this node value
    // then return this node 
    if(res1 == EQUAL || res2 == EQUAL) {  	
        return root;					
    //  a and b are on different subtree
    else if(res1 != res2) {				
        return root;					  
    else {
    // one of the following recursive call will execute
        if(res1 == BIGGER) {				// or res2 == BIGGER same thing
            return find_LCA(root->right_child,a,b);
        }else {
            return find_LCA(root->left_child,a,b);

  • Best case $O(1)$
  • Worst case $O(\log n)$
  • Checking of null pointers before a recursive call and a=b  or any other code handling issue have has been eliminated for simplicity. 
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For normal binary tree or any rooted tree, and with multiple queries (a,b), this LCA problem is of great interest and very interesting.
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will it be like -

first comapring A nd B with the root node..if A< root and B > root then root is the common ancestor..

if A< ROOT & B is also < root then again calling same function with root-> left

if A>root and B is also > root then again calling same function with root -> right

its T(n) will be O(log n)..right?

please verify this
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