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Hello can anyone tell me how to prepare for Artificial Intelligence for UGC-NET CSE?

I have been following NPTEL lectures on AI - , but I think it has lot's of stuff which is not required for UGC-NET or I'm in dilemna like to skip some videos and watch only the stuff which is in syllabus.

Well, the thing I'm trying to ask is if anyone has prepared for AI for UGC NET, where did they read from?

Thank you!

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Book name : Russell and Norvig. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. 

Topics to cover :

  1. Intelligent agents
  2.  Solving problems by searching
  3.  Informed search & exploration
  4.  Adversarial search 
  5. Logical agents
  6. First order logic 
  7. learning

read at-least these topics from the above book .


plz provide the link for syllabus of ugc net cse
Thank you, kind Sir!

BTW, have you given UGC-NET?
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