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ISRO result is out!

Congratulations to all who got selected!

I am sure many from our GO group will be in the final list like @ISHAN JAWA, @KISHALAY DAS @SHAILENDRA KUMAR JOSHI  :)
Hope ur guidance will help others for next year recruitment!!

NB: Sorry, If I missed name of any other person.
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congrats both @ishan jawa and @kishalay das. plz share ur experience by which as much as people get benefited.  ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR UPCOMING JOURNEY
Congrats @Ishan Jawa @Kishalay Das. But is result of previous declared now??? It takes almost 1 year after exam to know if you are recruited??
Thank u all from this gate overflow family.

Yes..i am planning to write my exp in both isro and gate in a blog very soon.

As of now for isro written test just prepare lyk u did for gate exam...practice more and revise gate and isro prev yr paper.

And be u have to solve 80 questions (3 marks) in 90 min.
Congratulations  both @ishan jawa , @kishalay das. All the best for future journey and Please do share your interview experience..
Hi, Can you please share of which list we are talking about. Is the list corresponds to the list of candidates who will be appearing for ISRO 2017 entrance exam ?

Kindly share.
How much time will a person get between written test and final interview in ISRO, given he/she passes the written test?
Last yr schedule was lyk this

Written test...july
And key out 4/5 days aftr that
Objections on key....within one week
Result of written test ...oct mid
Intervw nov end to jan first week(as there was some issue in chennai few intervw rescheduled)
Result out 8 march
Please provide some tips regarding using this one month for ISRO written test prep.
Practice all gate and isro prev yr questions....if u chk isro papers u can see they copy paste lots of questions from gate generally.So make sure u practice them all.

And second try to be fast as u have to do 80 questions in 90 min.

And have a aim that u will get more than 150(50 questions correct )...bcoz only 9 seats are there and cuttoff sud be very high.
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