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I have 4+ work exp in sap analytics domain.I have appeared this year gate but have not secured good enough rank and might get only lower NITs.I would like to appear again as I know I have good basics.Will it be too late for me to try again next year (5+ wk exprnc)? Ppl are actually asking me to try for MBA etc and saying that your work exprnc might be irrelevant after doing mtech.Is it true?I am actually trying for mtech to increase my analytics skills by learning machine learning and predictive analytics etc. so I think I am on right track.Please advise senior brothers because I am in lot of dilemma...I don't want to do some xyz certification or mba.I am financially stable and can invest 2 yrs in study.
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@Arjun Sir .. Any Assistance please .
For on campus placements at IITs usually, work experience is of no use. But people can bargain during offcampus placements -- which is there at least in IISc. I do not know how much they offer but many experienced guys were there during my time -- even from companies like Microsoft, Google etc -- yes, not all people do Masters because they do not have a good company.
Thanks Arjun brother for your help.That's true knowledge is supreme.Salary,job prospects are like stock markets....knowledge and problem solving skills or not.
Thanks @Arjun for answering this question. I am having a similar dilemma. I have experience of 1 year 10 months. I wrote GATE last time and got rank in 1000. I was having second thoughts as to whether I have the patience to study again this I'm nearing 25 years of age. I am happy to know that there are industry experienced people in IISc too. I will study again with full dedication.

Thanks for GO! keep it up.
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