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7th Jan, 2017 04:13 PM IST,
There are 35 days left in 11th Feb, 2017, and I know how to use these days to turn a dream into reality.

#NowOrNever #NoteToMyself
Peace, Happiness & Success!!
"Raton ke khwaab lekar, mein din bhar chalta raha...."
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stop wasting ur time commenting and go prepare
Best of luck to all of my fellow friends for exam.....
Vijay Thakur there are two types of persons one who take goal without seeing it and another one who take by looking at goal-post, tell me which one you are!!!! Anyway i know you will rock the Gate. All the Best dude
Most important thing is to make goal .
@Aaditya I am the one who plays for no reasons. So, no goals no goal post :( :(
thanks for your wishes!
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