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Deadlock Prevention: Wait/Wound/Die Algorithms
Sep 13 by nikunj  
"Operating System Concepts, Ninth Edition ", Chapter 7- Deadlock
Sep 11 by nikunj  
Serial schedule possible only if graph does not contain cycle . And a graph with a topological sort must be an acyclic graph.

BFS can work BOTH cyclic and acyclic graphs.

Thats why we choose topological sort.

Reference :
Sep 11 by nikunj  
Everything we need to know about context switching
Sep 11 by nikunj  
In static scoping, if a variable is not defined in the local space, it is looked in the global space.

In dynamic scoping, if a variable is not found in the local space, it is looked in the place from which the function is called (like this recursively) and only at the end in global space.
Sep 11 by nikunj  
Sep 10 by nikunj  



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