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Pls Explain how to do this.

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A simple for loop will do.



       if(a[i]>j && a[i]<k)





Complexity O(n)

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Just take a variable initialized to 0 and traverse the array and for each element compare if(A[i]<k &&A[i]>j) then i++

Thats it one time traversing array of size n, hence TC= O(n)
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All you need to do is iterate through the array and increment a count varaible whenever you find an element between the range j to k. check the code below.

int count = 0;






answered by Loyal (4.5k points) 2 6 16

Thanx all..:)got it now..i didnt understand the last two lines in the answer given by ME team. pls explain last two lines..

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