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The problem $3$-SAT and $2$-SAT are 

  1. both in P

  2. both NP complete

  3. NP-complete and in P respectively

  4. undecidable and NP complete respectively

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option C

$3$-SAT is NP complete

$2$-SAT is P

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Ans is correct

But sir ,I read that SAT is NP-complete problem so why can't we say that 2-sat is also NP-complete

2-SAT is in P that indicates that there exists  deterministic alg which solves the problem in Polynomial time

so can't we write deterministic alg which solves the problem in Polynomial time  for 3-SAT problem too..

Please explain me this difference sir...
satisfiability problem are not np complete as always . as you see that 2 SAT is not a np complete .

3 SAT problem can be reduced to hamiltonian problem which is a NP complete problem . (with 3 literals )

2 SAT  problem is solved in polynomial time  . ( with 2 literal )

BTW do not call me sir , it sounds strange :D .
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Option (c)  NP-complete and in P, respectively is the correct answer.

Reference :

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3 SAT - NPC Problem

2 SAT - p class problem

so option c
answered by Veteran (12.4k points)
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3 sat np and 2 sat p problem
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Option C is correct.
answered by Loyal (2.8k points)
2 sat is solvable in polynomial time whereas 3 sat is in np
3 Sat in NP-C

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