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Given that a 22-inch monitor with an aspect ratio of  16:9 has a monitor resolution  of 1920X1080,what is the width of the monitor ?

a)19.17 inches

b)22 inches

c)8.53 inches

d)10.79 inches
in Computer Graphics 2.3k views

3 Answers

1 vote
a) 19.17 inches

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Please explain
First find diagonal in pixels

Square of dpx = square of 1920 + square of 1080 = 4852800

dpx = 2202.91 px (after calculating square root approx)

Now calculate pixels per inch ie. ppi

ppi = dpx / d = 2202.91 / 22 = 100.13 ( d is the diagonal in inches ie. 22 inches)

And now you can calculate its physical dimensions by dividing corresponding pixel dimensions by ppi:

Width = wpx / ppi = 1920 / 100.13 = 19.17 (wpx is the width in pixels ie 1920)

Or simply,

Sqrt (square of (19.17) + square of (10.79))

Pythagoras theorem right.

@bhoop1104 At last I think u did some mistake, correct me if I m wrong.

I think resolution is always vertical × horizontal.

U should divide like 1080/100.13 = 10.79

Option D

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let width =16x   height =9x

22 inch monitor means 22 inch diagonal length

256x^2 +81x^2 =484 (pytha.)

337 x^2= 484

x=1.2 approx  width = 16x1.2 =19.2 approx
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