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Can you please find time complexity of the recurrence using Variable Substitue method and Master Theroem:

What is the time complexity of the following recursive function 
int recursion (int n) 

if(n ≤ 1) 
return 1; 
return(recursion(sqrt(n)) + 1); 


// i solved it using substitution method.

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T(n) = T(root(n))+1
let n= 2k
let T(2K) = G(k)
G(k) = G(k/2)+1
using extended master's theorem
a=1 b=2 k=0,p=0
a=bk it will be G(k) = O(logk) = T(2k)
we know K=logn substitute in O(logk) = O(loglogn)

Credits: Sanju

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