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asked in Algorithms by Veteran (49.8k points) | 50 views
whats the answer?Is it O(n log N) ?? I am trying by substitution.

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using recurence tree method
every time our main problem goes decreases to n->n1/2->n1/4......n1/2^k
nd cost of reduction for size k is √k where k is a function of n 
so after how much time our subproblem becom of size 1 0r 2 i mean when cost becomes constant
.n1/2^k=2  k=loglogn
here cost at each level is same at each level bcoz our main problem is uniformally divided =n
so  total cost using recurence tree method =
    no of levels*cost at each level = loglogn * n=nloglogn

answered by Veteran (12k points)
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