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A program P reads the 500 numbers in the range [1, 2, …., 100] to represent the ranks of 500 students. If the program P prints the frequency of each rank above 50, then what would be the best way for P to store the frequencies

  1.   An array of 50 numbers
  2.   An array of 100 numbers
  3.   An array of 500 numbers
  4.   An array of 550 numbers
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Answer should be A.

We have to store frequencies. In the range [1,2, ... , 100] there are 50 numbers which are greater than 50. To store the frequency we can create an integer array, say freq, of 50 elements and then value of

freq[0] denotes the frequency of rank 51,

freq[1] denotes the frequency of rank 52, and so on and finally,

freq[49] denotes the frequency of rank 100

So at the minimum, we need array of 50 elements.
answered by Loyal (4k points)

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