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        Q1    Q2

0       0        0

2       1        0

3       1        1

1       0        1

My logic is X is given to T1(Toggle ff), Y is given to D2(Delay) so,

0: Q1-->0,

2: Q2=D2=Q1(previous state)=0,

3:Q2=D2=Q1(previous state)=1,

1:Q2=D2=Q1(previous state)=1,

As this logic for X i'm getting T1=Q1.Q2 (Previuos state's Q1 AND Q2, then toggled) which is not in option!

for D2, i'm getting Q1 but unable to recognize symbol given in answer 

correct anser is (B)

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given option B is correct
Explain please!
B is correct.
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B is the correct option

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