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is it 12.5 Hz?

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Answer: 25Hz. 

Frequency at output of a counter = Input frequency/(mod number). 

Frequency at W = 2MHz/25 = 80000 Hz. (Mod 25) 

Frequency at X = 80000Hz/16 = 5000 Hz. (Mod 16) 

Frequency at Y = 5000Hz/25 = 200Hz. (Mod 25) 

Frequency at Z = 200Hz/8 = 25Hz. (Mod 8)

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@Samujjal Das please varify..

if n bit ring counter ==> Mod n counter

if n bit ripple counter ==> Mod 2n counter

if n bit johnson/Twisted counter ==> Mod 2n counter

You are right!
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