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just confused in these things-

we are perfoming a/b

if we have two INT variables a=6 and b=2

in which scenario we will get answe as 

  • 3
  • 3.0

similarly ,if they are float then when will we get 

  • 3
  • 3.0

if we have two floats as a=3.2 and b= 1.1

then what will be the answer on division

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for integer variables it prints as 3 only not 3.0

for foat variables it prints as 3.000000 

if we declare like  printf("%.2f",a);  // upto 2 decimal places.

foat a=3.2

float b=1.1

float c=3.2/1.1

printf("%.2f",c);   // o/p as 2.90

in case of float,it wont print 3 anyhow??

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