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An array of integers of size n can be converted into a heap by adjusting the heaps rooted at each internal node of the complete binary tree starting at the node ⌊(n - 1) /2⌋, and doing this adjustment up to the root node (root node is at index 0) in the order ⌊(n - 1)/2⌋, ⌊(n - 3)/ 2⌋, ....., 0. The time required to construct a heap in this manner is

  1. O(log n)
  2. O(n)
  3. O (n log log n)
  4. O(n log n)

I dont get what question meant

can ny implemented on following array

1,2,3,4,5 ?

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it is a GATE question.rt?

By built heap method it will take O(N) time
ya i know that

but u can implement it  on  taking given array .

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