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here first we find network Id  means that all host bit zero and net id all 1's  and if  see id  of first octet is 192 so its belongs to class C which range( 192-223) so  

 Net id -->

mask----> 255 .255 .255.224


AND operation-->  ( net id)

and  directed broadcast --> all host bit 1.  so ---->  192.168. 1. 10111111


so option D ia correct
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what you are saying? is what you said corresponds to the answer?

I know that whatever you said , i am just curious how they deduced option 4?
i update my answer.........plz check option D is correct
thank you.

i was also sure that options are wrong but just want to ask others also.
option 4) is correct. ANDed with gives (Network id)

by making last 5 bits(host bits) of last octet '1' we get (broadcast id)

hence option 4)

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