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Which are the essential prime implicants of the following Boolean function?

$f(a, b, c)= a' c+ ac'+b' c$

  1. $a' c$ and $ac'$
  2. $a' c$ and $b' c$
  3. $a' c$ only.
  4. $ac'$ and $bc'$
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answer - A

using K map f = ac' + a'c
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yes you are right, b'c is selective prime implicant.
what does here " $"( the symbol which is used in question) it XOR or something else ??
take that symbol as complement symbol. i think this is typing mistake.

Just to see it visually ;)

Clearly $A\bar{C}$ and $\bar{A}C$ cover cells that are not covered by any others.

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