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Consider a multiplexer with $X$ and $Y$ as data inputs and $Z$ the as control input. $Z=0$ selects input $X$, and $Z=1$ selects input $Y$. What are the connections required to realize the 2-variable Boolean function $f=T+R$, without using any additional hardware?

  1. R to X, 1 to Y, T to Z
  2. T to X, R to Y, T to Z
  3. T to X, R to Y, 0 to Z
  4. R to X, 0 to Y, T to Z
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Why not option c ?

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answer = option A

Z'X + ZY..
Put Z = T, X = R, Y = 1 in Z'X + ZY..
= T'R + 1*T

= (T+T') (T+R)
= T + R

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sir can u please make diagram(mux) for this question..

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