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The minimum number of vertices having degree $1$ in a tree of at least $10$ vertices is ______________.

If we consider this question, then the first answer comes in our mind is $'2',$ right?

But what if Tree isn't binary?

 if the root node has $9$ leaf nodes, so all those nodes having degree $1,$ right$?$ So the answer could be$:9$

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They are asking about minimum vertices.

For minimum vertices having degree 2.
question is asking for min vertices it is not mentioned which type of tree u considering. take example which have min vertex of degree 1.

so 2 is correct ans. and tree shape is linear or uniary tree.

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They are asking about any kind of tree.Not necessarily Binary.Question is about minimum vertices of degree 1(pendant vertices)

in Any tree ,there will be at least 2 Pendant vertices(as per theorem)

so 2 should be the answer
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