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The volume of a sphere of diameter $1$ unit is ______ than the volume of a cube of side $1$ unit.

  1. Least
  2. Less
  3. Lesser
  4. Low
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sphere touches the cube side to be as big its side(1 unit).

oh!, the question is for checking English, then "less" is suitable.

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'Lesser' and 'than' both are comparative words and using them together is grammatical error. Either say 'Sphere is lesser in volume than Cube for same diameter and edge length' or say 'Sphere is less than........'.
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The volume of a sphere of diameter 11 unit is less than the volume of a cube of side 11 unit.
option B..

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Answer B

The volume of the sphere is $\frac{4}{3} * \pi * r^3$ so if diameter is $1$ unit than Radius is 0.5 unit so 

Volume = $ \frac{4}{3} * 3.14 * (0.5)^3$ = 0.5233 $unit^3$

volume of the cube with side 1 unit = $(side)^3 $= $(1)^3 $ = 1 $unit^3$

so the volume of a sphere of diameter 1 unit is less than the volume of a cube of side 1 unit.

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Never use lesser than for comparing ,

With comparative words( adjective with -er as suffix) generally than is used , but it is not true for the case of less

 Here we will use less than (<)  

Example -

2 is less than 4  OR  2 is lesser than  4

Of course the first one (2 is less than 4 ) is right
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