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I thnk D is correct answer here

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only option 4 is wrong so i think option d) is the correct answer plz correct me if i am wrong
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S1: Distance vector routing is the routing within an autonomous system(intra domain) where as path vector is is routing between two or more autonomous system (inter domain). 

S2: In Distance vector routing each node shared its routing table with it's neighbors not with every node. 

S3: Link state uses Dijsksta algorithm to find the shortest path to every node

S4: OSPF is an intra domain routing but based on Link state algorithm not on distance vector

S5: In path vector routing there is a node ( can be more than one) in every autonomous system that acts on the behalf of that system called speaker node which creates the routing table and send the information to other speaker nodes in other autonomous system.

Hence option d) is correct

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