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Match the following:

Addressing Mode      Location of operand

a. Implied                      i. Registers which are in CPU

b. Immediate                 ii. Register specifies the address

of the operand

c. Register                     iii. Specified in the register

d. Register Indirect      iv. Specified implicitly in the

definition of instruction


     a   b   c  d

(1) iv  iii   i   ii

(2) iv  i    iii  ii

(3) iv  ii   i   iii

(4) iv  iii  ii   i

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1 Answer

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Implied is implicitely defined a->4

immediate mode takes directly the value contained in a register in b->1

 very direct c. Register ->3 Specified in the register

and register indirect means that, it will first go to the register and get the Adress, where the actual operand is residing

so d->2

so matching all these we get B is the correct answer
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i. Registers which are in CPU

 iii. Specified in the register


these 2  are still confusing me
look , specified in register means ,operand specified in register...suppose suppose i get an indirect adressing which referes me to A register, then again i am refered to register B... that means it was directly not specified in register  

and Direct adressing is not option 1, coz whatever direct and indirect is, registers will always will be in that is pointless
in Immediate mode  we get the value, from registers  in cpu.. and register adressing ,oprand is specified in register..

now if you swap these twop options ,then  register=cpu in register, ....But then there will be no disctinction between, direct and indirect
hmm.. thanks...

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