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The hexadecimal equivalent of the octal number 2357 is:

  1. 2EE
  2. 2FF
  3. 4EF
  4. 4FE
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(2357)8 = (010 011 101 111)2 

now grouping them of 4 from right to left

0100 1110 1111 --- so it will be 4EF so answer is 3

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2357 is given in octal

so its binary equivalent will be obtained by converting every number into 3-bit equivalent binary (010 011 101 111)

Now to convert this octal number into its equivalent hexadecimal number, pair 4 bits of above binary number starting from MSB

it will become    (0100  1110   1111) which will be equivalent to 4EF

so, answer  is C
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