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Which of the following is a valid heap?

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
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2 Answers

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A , D , C are invalid

As there are child>parent case

A: 8>4

C: 7>1

D: 10>3

only B is valid heap... parents>children
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This is the case of a max heap. in min heap parent < child
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A heap is a complete binary tree with special property that value of child nodes is either less or greater than their parent. Two types of Heaps are:

1. Max Heap: where value of parent node is greater than its child nodes (by default)

2. Min Heap: where value of parent node is less than its child nodes

In the given question, all cases are of max heap.

A is NOT valid heap as, 8>4 is there

C is NOT valid heap as, 7>1 is there

D is NOT valid heap as, 7>1 and 8>4 is there

Therefore, B is a valid heap.
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