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Consider following Regular Expression

(i) a*b*b (a+ (ab)*)* b*

(ii) a*(ab + ba)* b*

What is length of shortest string which is in both (i) & (ii)?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. None

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ans is none of these since min length is "b" present in both.

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(i) a*b*b (a+ (ab)*)* b* = a*b*b (a+ ab)* b*

(ii) a*(ab + ba)* b*

Shortest string will be "b" only..

Length will be 1.

Option D.
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For (ii) shortest can be epsilon as there is kleene star for every symbol.
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b is the smallest string derived by both languages.

hence answer is  min length =1

Option D
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