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Consider the following two rules $R1$ and $R2$ in logical reasoning in Artificial Intelligence (AI):

$\begin{array}{lcl} R1 & : & \text{ From } \alpha \supset \beta \\ & & \frac{ \text{and } \alpha}{\text{Inter } \beta} \text{ is known as Modus Tollens (MT)} \end{array}$

$\begin{array}{lcl} R2 & : & \text{ From } \alpha \supset \beta \\ & & \frac{ \text{and } \lnot \beta}{\text{Inter } \lnot \alpha} \text{ is known as Modus Ponens (MP)} \end{array}$

  1. Only R1 is correct
  2. Only R2 is correct
  3. Both R1 and R2 are correct
  4. Neither R1 nor R2 is correct
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2 Answers

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$Ans$ $D$. $Neither\ R1\ nor\ R2\ is\ correct $

$R1$ holds the correct definition for Modes ponens and $R2$ holds the correct definition of Modes Tollens.

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@Debasmita Bhoumik yes u r correct.

correct option is D.

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both are written vice versa so ans is D
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