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In the Contiguous allocation for disk blocks, files cannot grow dynamically because _______

  • The next block could be occupied by another file
  • The scheme does not allow files to grow (by design itself)
  • (No answer is correct because files can grow)
  • The disk does not have enough space

I think both 1 and 2 are correct . What do you say ?

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1 Answer

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Only 1 is correct.
by Active
Why not option 2 ? Any reference for contigious memory allowed to grow ?
can u explain option 1??
Lets say block 50 is given to file and block 51 to another file. Now file 1 in block 50 exceeds length of block 50 and wants more space but cannot be given since block 51 is given to another file and this is contagious allocation, so it is not possible. Option 1 is answer here. For option 2 is false bcoz file can grow in block 50.
okay..thanks :)

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