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If in the state table of a LR parser, in some row, we have more than one SR or RR conflict, then is it considered a single conflict?


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A Grammar is said to be SLR(1) if and only if, for each and every state s in the SLR(1) automaton, none of the following conditions are violated:

  1. For any reducible rule A → a • Xb in state s (where X is some terminal), there must not exist some irreducible rule, B → a • in the same state s such that the follow set of B contains the terminal X. In more formal terms, the intersection of set containing the terminal X and the follow set of B must be empty. Violation of this rule is a Shift-Reduce Conflict.
  2. For any two complete items A → a • and B → b • in sFollow(A) and Follow(B) are disjoint (their intersection is the empty set). Violation of this rule is a Reduce-Reduce Conflict.
in one state it is considered as single SR or RR conflicts
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