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The functions mapping R into R are defined as:

f(x) = x3-4x, g(x)=1/(x2+1) and h(x)=x4

Then find the value of the following composite functions: hog(x) and hogof(x)

  1. (x2+1)4 and [(x3-4x)2+1]4
  2. (x2+1)4 and [(x3-4x)2+1]-4
  3. (x2+1)-4 and [(x3-4x)2+1]4
  4. (x2+1)-4 and [(x3-4x)2+1]-4
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2 Answers

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option 4


h(g(x))=h(1/(x^2 +1)) = (x^2 +1)^ -4

h(g(f(x)))= h(g(x^3 -4x)) = [(x^3-4x)^2+1]^ – 4
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$f \circ g (x)$  is defined as $f (g (x))$

your answer is correct , please use equation editor to type set equations properly
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Ans is D

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